Director of Training

Derrick Spires

Derrick Spires
Derrick Spires has over 12 years of experience in the performance support field including training development, knowledge management, and coaching. As a data-driven, process-focused leader, Derrick creates a culture focused on innovation and continuous improvement. In his current role as Director of Training, Derrick is focused on leading a team that creates highly-effective training content for clients in a constrained, highly-regulated environment.

In his previous role with Apollo Group, Derrick served as Knowledge Manager where he successfully developed and implemented knowledge management practices within inbound and outbound call centers. His efforts in knowledge management with Apollo Group led to improvements in CSR performance and a reduction in new hire training time by up to 33%.

Under his leadership, HighPoint’s training team has reduced time to proficiency and improved learner satisfaction for key clients year-over-year for three straight years.

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