Digital & Media Services

Digital Media Services Services

Digital & Media Services

Digital & Media Services is all about making government services more efficient, transparent and accessible. With 84% of Americans using the Internet (most of them via the device in the palm of their hand), delivering information and services online has become the most efficient way for government and citizens to interact. The challenge lies in integrating new, accessible technologies like social media, mobile apps, and video chat with the aging legacy systems that hold and transmit the data these applications need.     

HighPoint works with federal agencies to implement 21st century Digital & Media Services for the delivery of information and services anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We design and build platforms, mobile apps, websites, and video content to engage and inform citizens and federal employees domestically and around the globe.

Why Clients Choose Us

User-Experience (UX) Application Development

We ensure that user and client input is incorporated into every phase of development and translated into user-friendly, accessible, mobile first applications.

Mobile Enablement

As citizens increasingly rely on phones and tablets to conduct transactions, it is critical that all solutions are developed with a “mobile first” mindset. Our team ensures web applications are built in responsive design.

Social Media

Social media channels open up easy ways for citizens to communicate with their government. We help clients develop and implement social media strategies and content to reach customers using social channels.

Video Production

HighPoint manages the entire video production process, including scouting locations, securing videographers and on-screen talent, scripting, managing the shoot, editing, and overseeing final production. The resulting media is consumable in multiple formats, enabling it to be embedded across web, social, and mobile applications.

Proven Results

Video Production

Delivered high quality video production to educate and provide insights on U.S. foreign policy and American society for people around the globe to access online and via social media.

Online Content Development

Developed video overview and 360-online tour of the Library of Congress.

Digital Automation

Automated the Federal Occupation Health FedHealth system and significantly decreased costs and inefficiencies associated with former paper-based system  

Social Media Intelligence

Reviewed public social media posts written in Arabic and Urdu to determine sentiment and misunderstandings about U.S. culture and policy. Used this intelligence to develop messaging for outreach to those populations.

Video Development & Outreach

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