Data Services

Data Services

Data Services

With more data than we know what to do with (and amounts growing by the minute), the challenge is not finding data, but finding meaning in it. Agencies need ways to quickly find value in the massive amount of data they collect and manage in order to drive their missions forward.

HighPoint designs solutions that ingest and integrate data from multiple sources and deliver it in a way that allows for critical decisions to be made faster. When data is accessible and digestible, our clients can make real-time decisions and adjustments to their strategy and tactical efforts.

Why Clients Choose Us

Data Integration

By following Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) principles, we are able to integrate data from many different sources and formats or move data into a common repository to speed data queries and enable deeper insights.

Database Administration

Our team provides the daily support our clients need to manage their data, ensuring it is accessible and secure.

Data Analytics

HighPoint is well versed in the evaluation, cleansing, and modeling of data, with the goal of discovering valuable insights.

Data Visualization

When data is displayed visually, trends and patterns emerge. HighPoint turns complex data sets into actionable dashboards.

Proven Results

Designed Solutions

Designed FedHealth electronic health record solution system to help the Federal Occupational Health agency better measure the performance of health, wellness, and compliance initiatives.

Data Support

Supported wide range of data needs for the Department of Treasury Office of the Comptroller of Currency to collect, store, optimize and analyze information.

Digital Automation

Automated the Federal Occupation Health FedHealth system and significantly decreased costs and inefficiencies associated with former paper-based system.  

Data Warehousing

Created the Management Data Dashboard (MDD), a data warehouse that loads and integrates data from numerous mission support systems to address inconsistencies between similar data in different systems for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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